Time to give back this Ramzan

Ramzan is the time, when we give back to society and help those who are in need of help. There are many credible causes which deserve our attention and the IBA’s financial assistance program is one such cause.

Every year, students from all across Pakistan from lowest strata of the society are invited to a learning opportunity of a lifetime at the IBA Karachi without worrying about financing their education.

How the IBA helps its students?
During the last 5 years, the IBA has helped over 4,000 talented yet financially challenged students with more than Rs. 960 million worth of donations, Zakat, interest-free loans, QarzeHasna and on-campus jobs.

Inspiring Stories
Presently, the IBA has more than 25% student population on some form of financial assistance with some hailing from highly marginalized areas of Pakistan.

Watch some of the stories of our students and graduates who have been supported in their education by donations and zakat.

Why do we require donations?
To make our financial assistance program a sustainable endeavor, every year, we seek assistance from individuals and organizations to help ease out the financial burden of such students and facilitate them in their journey of upward social mobility and a better future for their families.

Who are our benefactors?
Our Financial Assistance program would not have been possible without the generous contribution from the alumni, philanthropists, governmental agencies and NGOs.

List of Major Donors can be viewed here: https://rm.iba.edu.pk/

Why should you donate to IBA?
Some of the benefits of donating towards the IBA cause are provided below:

  1. Being an institute of high repute, the donor is assured of the transparency of our operations
  2. The donor can witness the return of his/her donation as the beneficiary progresses in life. Higher education has proven to be the quickest way of upward social mobilitynot only for the individual but also the community
  3. Donations provided to the IBA are tax-exempted and a certificate may be furnished upon request

Where can you donate your Zakat?
A separate account for obtaining Zakat fund has been set up. Details are follows:

Account Title

Institute of Business Administration, Karachi

A/c Number


Bank Name

Meezan Bank Limited


Gulshan Chowrangi Branch

Br. Code






Bank Address

Gulistan-e-Erum, Block # 3, Scheme 24 Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi, Pakistan



Phone #

(+92-21) 34811849 I 348107624 I 34811856

How can Alumni help?
1.Reach out to your social circle and encourage them to apportion a part of their Zakat towards our financial assistance program
2. Get in touch with your IBA class mates for individual Zakat contribution
3. Coordinate with your IBA Class mates and establish a class scholarship* with Zakat funds

Alumni Class Scholarship:
Various classes have set up scholarship fund including the Class of 1986, 1993, 1994 and 1997. Here’s how you can pitch in your share of goodness towards your alma mater by creating a class scholarship:

  1. Alumni from a class get together and choose a fund in which they would like to donate. For e.g. Scholarship Endowment Fund
  2. A focal person is selected who coordinates with his class mates and on behalf of them from the IBA Resource Mobilization department.
  3. An Alumnus may deposit an amount of their liking in the designated bank account or the focal person collects the amount from all his class mates and then transfers the collected amount.
  4. The class may choose to name the scholarship. For e.g. in memory of their deceased class fellow
  5. The class may choose to sponsor partial/full scholarship of a student. They may decide the number of scholars even if the scholarship amount is partial for each beneficiary.
  6. The class may set up their own criteria of the scholarship and request to interview the eligible candidates.
  7. The IBA RM team will provide the following to the class:

a.       Provide a list of eligible students and set up interviews with the class representative(s)

b.      Acknowledgement letter to each donor against the donation made

c.       Annual Funds utilization report

d.      Progress Report of the Scholar(s)

Contact Us:
We will be happy to answer your queries on  rm@iba.edu.pk

Let’s make the most of our obligation and invest in a cause which will be a SadqaeJaria and help students to break the circle of poverty.

You can help us bring hope in someone’s life.

Team Resource Mobilization