Talent Hunt Program (THP) gave me a life changing opportunity to be a part of a prestigious institute like IBA. Making it to IBA was never easy under such severe financial constraints. THP, however, played a role of a stepping stone. It did not only provide us academic excellence, but also the confidence which was highly important to make the most out of my upcoming educational years at IBA

- Sangeen Shah, Class of 2017

My mother works as a teacher in a private school and she is the only breadwinner of my family. Throughout my educational journey, I have never been able to afford education in any private institute as I have always studied in government schools. Given such financial restrictions, I could only dream about IBA. THP, however, helped me keep my hopes high and provided me with actual manifestation of this dream

- Arif Ali, Class of 2018

I have learned one thing from my father, and that is to dream big no matter what. Despite having social and financial limitations, I always believed in my dream of studying at the IBA. Due to my never-ending persistence I got a chance to make my dream come true. I thank THP for making the expectations of my father into a reality.

- Areeba Wasim, Class of 2018

After the completion of my FSC, IBA, Karachi was my utmost priority to pursue my education. I was motivated to achieve what I aimed for, but competing in an open merit system on national level with severe financial limitations was never easy. Eventually, I came to know about the NTHP. The training period under this program equipped me with the skill set which was required for the upcoming competition in this institute. It also provided me with financial assistance that made my access to education possible at the IBA.

- Saadat Shiekh, Class of 2017

Hunza is not a highly developed area of Pakistan but the residents of the area are aware of the importance of education for the betterment of society. Almost every other parent focuses on the education of their child. My parents not only believed in the importance of education but also made me realize that I should never settle down for anything less than the best. IBA is one of very few institutes which provides national and international exposure. For me, THP was the best possible way to grab the opportunity in the given circumstances

- Lubna Shamsher Khan, Class of 2018

The two months that I spent at IBA under the training of THP were one of the best times of my life because the exposure I got here through workshops and interaction with motivational speakers, mentors and teachers was never accessible back home. The significant feature of this training program was that it improved my soft skills, along with my personality. This training program helped me to discover my unknown strengths and potentials. Without THP, getting admitted into IBA never seemed possible.

- Yasin, Class of 2017