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  • 1. NTHP

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    To be among the best learning institutions in Pakistan.


    - To Impart Quality education in business
    - To provide high quality teaching and learning environment
    - To undertake original research

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    Karachi - Pakistan

    National Talent Hunt Program - NTHP

    What is NTHP?

    The NTHP is adiversity initiative of IBA that recruits meritorious students from different socioeconomic groups and geographical regions of Pakistan. From the thousands of applications we receive every year, we select 200 to participate in an Orientation Program to prepare for the IBA Aptitude Test. Those who pass the test are awarded a 4-year scholarship.

    We are proud to have changed the lives of thousands of financially challenged but talented students from Karachi to Khyber. Partnering with IBA will not only help you support your community but will help us create leaders for tomorrow!

    National Talent Hunt Program

    Talent Hunt Program - Success Rate

    The Talent Hunt Program has a 100% success rate, 30% of the THP qualifiers gets admission into IBA while the rest of the 70% manage to get admissions in other top tier universities of Pakistan.

    Talent Hunt Program Success Rate

    Achievement trend - Statistics

    Achievement trend - Statistics

    Sustainability Process

    Sustainability Process

    Major Donors of NTHP

    Major Donors of NTHP

    What's in it for Donor?

    What�s in it for Donor?
  • 2. TCF

    There are three areas of collaboration between IBA and the TCF:

    a) 120 deserving TCF students are exempted from paying the IBA aptitude test fee every year.

    b) Every year the TCF alumni help the students from the TCF to prepare for the IBA's aptitude test at the premises with help from faculty and staff.

    c) IBA helps the TCF to conduct volunteer programs where the students volunteer in the capacity of social internships while alumni participate in large numbers as a part of their social responsibility to give back to        TCF.

    IBA helps enable further education for TCF alumni

    We would like to thank IBA - Institute of Business Administration for their continued support towards our mission to educate the less privileged children in Pakistan. Time and again, you have helped in enabling further education for TCF alumni through scholarships and volunteering opportunities. We are grateful for your support and valuable contribution. Posted by The Citizens Foundation - TCF on Saturday, June 15, 2019