Classification of funds

  • 1. Endowment Fund

    This fund consists of all specified and non-specified allocations to the Endowment Fund for the setting up of endowed chairs. The amounts from different donors are pooled and invested after aggregation in order to earn better returns but separate individual ledger accounts are maintained for each donor to provide full transparency. The endowment fund is administered by Friends of IBA Trust (FIBAT). Quarterly reports are produced and disseminated widely including the website and portal of the IBA. Individual statement of accounts for each donor is also prepared at a mutually agreed interval. Audit of the endowment fund is carried out annually by a reputable firm of chartered accountants.

  • 2. Development Fund

    Over the past couple of years, physical infrastructure of IBA has changed beyond recognition. On both the campuses, main and city, state-of-the-art facilities provide a vibrant hub for information access and productive exchange of ideas. Visionary benefactors have helped shape the Institute into one of South Asia’s leading centers for academic excellence. The Development Fund provides an opportunity for donors to support the development of physical infrastructure at the IBA and get their branding done inside the campus.

  • 3. Financial Assistance

    i) Scholarship









    No. of Students (Scholarships Awardees)








    Disbursements (Millions)








    Many individuals, businesses, governments make regular funds available to provide scholarships to the needy students of IBA. Although distinct and large scholarship schemes such as HEC-USAID, HEC-JICA, Sindh Endowment Fund and IBA’s own scheme are administered according to their own terms and conditions, a large number of anonymous and named scholarships are still required in order to bear the educational expenses of the meritorious students belonging from the humble family background at the IBA. The collected amount is saved in the form of the scholarship fund which is then allocated to the students by the Scholarship Committee.

    ii) NTHP

    The IBA National Talent Hunt Program (NTHP) is a fully-funded scholarship program which selects and prepares highly talented students from all over Pakistan. The students from far flung areas of Pakistan who cannot afford higher education are encouraged to apply at the IBA. Students who clear the admission test are awarded fully funded scholarship for 4 years.

  • 4. Zakat for needy students

    Since the IBA promotes diversity and no student is denied education due to lack of funds, The IBA collects Zakat from the donors for the Zakat eligible students. The eligibility of the IBA to collect Zakat has been approved by Darulifta and Darul-uloom. Permission in the form of official Fatwa has been given to the IBA and the management is very particular about the utilization of Zakat fund to be shairah compliant.

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