• Can we support IBA through crowdfunding? If yes, how?

    Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of individuals online via social media and crowdfunding platforms. With just a few clicks, you can support IBA through crowdfunding. For further details, please follow the link:donate.iba.edu.pk/

  • What is the money raised through crowdfunding used for?

    The sponsored amount can be used for regular scholarships, NTHP scholarships for a fully-funded undergraduate program, development or endowment fund at the IBA.

  • How is a development fund helpful to the donor?

    Development fund helps to build and maintain the infrastructure at IBA. Donor can sponsor the facility and get a mileage by branding that facility and get the name on IBA’s donor’s wall.

  • How to donate if I live abroad?

    You can donate online to the IBA through a credit and debit card. Online donation can be made on the following website:donate.iba.edu.pk/

  • Does IBA account for the Zakat eligibility criteria?

    Yes. IBA has complete assessment criteria to check whether the student is eligible for a certain funding or not. If need be, physical verification is also done to make sure the donor’s money is utilized as per the criteria.

  • How does an endowment fund work?

    Endowment fund is created to build and maintain the sustainability of programs. Once the fund is created by the donor, the profit attained from the investment of that fund is utilized for scholarships and other academic needs at IBA. A complete utilization report is sent to the donor after the profit amount is utilized. The principal amount remains the same, whereas the profit amount is utilized which enhances the sustainability model.